Potabi's Development Temporarily but Indefinitely Halts.

A recent decision by the CEO of Fivnex, LLC has been to indefinitely pause Potabi's development. We do plan to come back to it later this year to early next year, however, these are guesstimates, not promises. We posted a more detailed and personalized article just prior to this one. To put it simply, a task as big as a mobile operating system - even the minimum skeleton it needs - is far too much for Fivnex's strained resources. We have since decided to focus on avenues to bring Fivnex money we can use to stay in business and later pay people to build and work on Potabi. No one within Fivnex wanted this outcome, not even Kai themself, but the issue with Potabi is Fivnex cannot currently support the project with all of the other goals the company is aiming to fix.  The reality of it all is, Potabi is only able to return once Fivnex makes enough money to support itself and its employees. If you want to see Potabi release sooner rather than later, please support us on Patreon , o

The Detailed Explanation on WHY Potabi Is Halting Development.

While we never once hid the fact Potabi's development has been outright some of the most difficult Fivnex has yet faced after YEARS of software development, and Kai's experience with porting and making things work. This time, it is simply becoming far too much of a project for one person to handle. We aren't saying goodbye just yet, but the future is looking a little bleak for the project. Our main issues are that Fivnex doesn't have any resources to continue a project this big. Charlotte is a part time employee mostly part of our Fivnex Computers systems, one of the major ways Fivnex plans to make money. I am generally the only person in Fivnex working on Potabi, while also keeping an eye on subsidiaries, while working on Fivnex Network, while working on Fivnex Computers, while keeping the Patreon up-to-date to inspire donations, while managing the systems, while managing emails, while managing grants and inter-corporate relations, while keeping the social media active