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Fivnex Language Denylist - What skills you have determines your work here

Recently I have been in discussion about what I call standards-based languages, which inspired me to list out programming languages that you will not be allowed to use in Fivnex, other than for possibly making quick and unstable prototypes. This isn't a long list of languages, but it will include situations where we will either ban them from "professional" editions, prototypes or otherwise. Note that this language list isn't just markdown but rather general plaintext files to output data. Language Name Permitted Uses Description of Ban C/C++ Qt Application Development Uses a standards-based system, unneccisarily difficult Python None, Slow, near-useless, interpreted, inefficent JavaScript (or other ECMAScript based lang) Web-Tech Prototyping (whether on desktop or web) Web-centric, no decent desktop support (NodeJS and Deno do not count), strange and idiotic syntax, no GUI librar

Fivnex and our Hardware Division

While doing nothing with the hardware division of Fivnex until incorporation... at the absolute earliest, I do want to mention what I want the hardware division to do. I basically want to build a System76/Tuxedo company but with laptops and servers only. While desktops are cool, I feel desktops are better custom than pre-built. Our servers will come with Arisred, your choice of FreeBSD or Linux (but no desktop by default, at least for a while) and laptops that will be rebranded OEM items like the Clevo best noticed in the Oryx Pro by System76. It is a simple setup we want to have going, but it is one going. I will also be working with the DraugerOS people in order to get a special project in the works (hopefully, it would be cool).

Arisblu 1.0 (Territ) Information (Our Checklist and Hopeful Release Date)

Currently, Arisblu has a checklist that is going to be difficult to match by our hopeful 1.0 release date on April 30th, 2021. While 1.0 is a little under a year away, we will be building the systems that apply to the checklist for both FreeBSD and Linux editions. Once we get a stable mirror up and running (in which will just be a basic file transfer site like Mediafire or MegaNZ for a little while (torrents by OpenTorrents, who did the torrent mirrors back when we worked on Ubuntu Lumina remix)) we will ship beta releases but by bit. There is a lot we need to do first, especially work on getting uploads of the desktops we are using to Debian. We expect to get everything done except the Lumina desktop without worry of uploading, but we will do our best. Our checklist for 1.0 is small, and releases are determined by when we get those checklists completed. The 1.0 checklist is: For Linux: - A GUI-based package manager - SDDM being functional - Modifications to apt-management to block Sna

UPM - The Future of the Project

In our previous article on why we will not support Snaps , we mentioned UPM, which will use Snap as one of many parts of the system. I wanted to elaborate on why we will support UPM, and what we will do with it in the future. First is our reason why we are supporting and building the technology. We believe there is an issue in Linux, and it can partially apply to FreeBSD. Packages are separated and split. You have stability, or you have rolling, but it seems like you never get both. To get both, you either run rolling and install stable from source, or you run stable and run scripts to build new editions of your software from source as new versions/commits/whatever are pushed into the public. We want UPM to give you stability and cutting edge by the addition of a single argument of a command. If you have one distribution, you can run UPM on another. We want packaging to be simple, easy enough for everyone to run with the software as they so please, at the stability they so choose. It i

Arisblu / Arisred and the issues with Snaps

I want to make this clear. Ubuntu removes choice with Snaps and there is no other way to play that idea. They remove your choice by forcing Snaps. We will not be going their route and replacing APT (PKG for FreeBSD versions of the systems) with Snaps as we believe they are a bloated, slow, broken, and incapable of being used well. The final straw that made us replace Ubuntu Lumina Remix with Arisblu and Arisred is the Snap issue. We want usable, safe, light, reliable, trustworthy, and cross compatible software on our systems. The main issue is that they... Snaps.... just... Snaps cant do that. None of that is available in Snap. From experience, Snaps are unstable and slow, a potential security risk, bloated, unreliable, definitely not trustworthy, and not cross compatible without botching and pushing Systemd to FreeBSD. For our users, and us, this is absolutely not okay. We want Arisblu and Arisred to be enterprise grade software, with us wanting to ship custom hardware with our system

Where has Kai been? Why isn't much improving?

I wanted to post this to alert people on everything we are working on is on delay. In fact, the reason I have been bringing new people to the team in order to get stuff done as life settles. I have been moving from my grandmas (who I lived with to help her with her surgery) and I am working on settling at my new house. I will be working hard with the people I am bringing in so I can get stuff done. Especially since we are opening a boardgames section and a video games section of our work (headed by me and my brother), there is a lot to do. Be safe, and have fun! -Kai

(body (p "Hello, World! We are Fivnex!"))

Due to our recent upgrades on everything else, we will be posting blog posts to our official blog. We will still be active on our organization, but we will be posting more here. Also, instead of weekly progress reports, we are doing it monthly. On the first 7 days of each month, we will release a monthly progress report. We, however, are doing this article as the last weekly progress report!