Arisblu 1.0 (Territ) Information (Our Checklist and Hopeful Release Date)

Currently, Arisblu has a checklist that is going to be difficult to match by our hopeful 1.0 release date on April 30th, 2021. While 1.0 is a little under a year away, we will be building the systems that apply to the checklist for both FreeBSD and Linux editions. Once we get a stable mirror up and running (in which will just be a basic file transfer site like Mediafire or MegaNZ for a little while (torrents by OpenTorrents, who did the torrent mirrors back when we worked on Ubuntu Lumina remix)) we will ship beta releases but by bit. There is a lot we need to do first, especially work on getting uploads of the desktops we are using to Debian. We expect to get everything done except the Lumina desktop without worry of uploading, but we will do our best. Our checklist for 1.0 is small, and releases are determined by when we get those checklists completed. The 1.0 checklist is:

For Linux:
- A GUI-based package manager
- SDDM being functional
- Modifications to apt-management to block Snaps but with OptinSnap to avoid any and all issues
- Plymouth theme
- Calamares installer
- A welcome application
- Development suite (with VSCodium, and a custom app built to download compilers)

For FreeBSD:
- Functional SDDM
- Plymouth theme or similar
- The Calamares installer (hopefully seeing it functional after following the work of Adriaan de Groot)
- Development suite (with the compiler downloader and a VSCode custom binaries, VSCodium has yet to support FreeBSD)
- A welcome application

To do this, there will need to be a lot of work done. But we are not scared of the build process. It will be a long and difficult process to get this working, but we hope to get the systems working so we can expand our systems. We still would love help from the community, all FreeBSD and Linux developers who want to make both systems equal powerhouses are wanted here. If interested contact me at [email protected] or join Fivnex by doing our introduction survey.


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