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Due to our recent upgrades on everything else, we will be posting blog posts to our official blog. We will still be active on our Dev.to organization, but we will be posting more here. Also, instead of weekly progress reports, we are doing it monthly. On the first 7 days of each month, we will release a monthly progress report. We, however, are doing this article as the last weekly progress report!

This week, we have seen:
- MEML 0.2 progress
- Ubuntu Lumina renamed
- Further separation from Canonical, and why
- Arisblu's website is built
- Arisblu and Aristed version scheme and information
- Information on one of our top-secret possible projects
- How much we are spending on Fivnex (Financial transparency)

MEML 0.2 Progress

This week, me and Trevor (a Fivnex member, who will be mentioned again later) have been working together to make MEML 0.2. The original plan for 0.2 was to have a complete rewrite of the code from JavaScript to CommonLisp (and JavaScript for future web-based compiles). That idea has been temporarily scrapped as recently I have decided 0.2 would be a complete functionality overhaul. While this is putting severe delays into the project, there is good news here. While MEML has to be delayed, I wanted to share information on 0.3/0.4!

In current planning, there are 3 main features of MEML. First, MEML will have variables. They will not be special by any means, but they will exist in a basic form. We are not sure if variables will make it into the early editions. Secondly, we are working on building a MEMLScript, which will be a Lisp-like scripting language (based on the syntax of Common Lisp mixed JavaScript mixed with the V programming language) to add functionality into websites. The script will be integrated to the language without a script tag, as programming in the main page will be vital. Third, we are doing the same for CSS, with a Sass-like styling language called MEMLStyle (so many creative names here, I know). Similar to MEML script, it will be built into the language but will be called by a different kind of tag. Let me explain how all of this will work. Below we have a basic "test.meml" script.

This file has a p-tag we will add functionality to by adding text through MEMLScript (notice: We do not yet know how MEMLScript will look, this is a concept). We will have a loop, that will go on forever, that changes the text in the p-tag.

The script is now doing a plain-text edit of the testing span, that displays the text. Again, this is not 100% what we want the script to look like, but this is a quick concept that gets the point across.

Now to style the p-tag, we will start fresh and just do a simple p statement.

With an idea of styling, with no official knowns on how MEMLStyle will work, here is how the concept works. We will change the font to arial, bold, at size 18.72, for an easy concept

This is currently just a couple ideas, nothing is set in stone other than their existence. Also, with variables, they will be able to be called into Script without MEMLScript.

We feel like this will put MEML where it needs to be for web developers to have a wonderful time.

Ubuntu Lumina is GONE (renamed)

If you have been paying attention to recent news around the old remix, you will know we are killing it off. This is for a seperation of Canonical for our product, and to make a better, bigger project. The project being named ArisAnywhere, and will be the flagship distribution for Fivnex.

Separating From Canonical (and why)

The Ubuntu Lumina remix's execution was over the issue of Canonical. While we love the company, and are happy to work with them in whatever they want us to join, we have decided that making a remix wasn't the best of choices. First, we don't love all of Canonical's decisions. The recent forcing and removal of choice with the Snap package management system has given us a bad taste. While I do use Snaps, I want Fivnex to control them if we are to add them by default. That, at the very least, would give us better ability to audit and remove packages. We originally wanted Ubuntu Lumina to take in suit of Linux Mint, as 3 commands over several (depending if you want the Gnome app store or not) was a better choice. We were to even go as far as to make it become a one-command system that actually put decision into the users hand. I, in the past, defended Canonical's decision and argued that "Linux Mint removed choice" when in reality that couldn't be further from the truth. While I believe Canonical does good, all corporations will make major oopsies from time to time and this is a stub on the toe for the whole Linux community.

We still love Canonical, but we will absolutely not support Snaps by default. We will still work on proper porting of Snaps to FreeBSD, as all it will take is a lot of work and we can deal with that.

Arisblu's Website is built!

Over on arisblu.com, there is now a fully functional website. It works amazingly, and just check it out. Please.

Arisblu and red's Versioning and Naming

Both will follow the same ideas. For every point release, it will have the same name as the whole release, as using a new name for every point release seems... pointless. Arisblu's first edition will be known as Territ. The names will be either interesting words or fully custom names. Couldn't find a good way to name it, almost went with Egyptian deities but when I thought about "Arisblu Isis" I kinda stepped back from the idea. Arisred will be known as "Terris", as the Arisred names will end with an S and Arisblu with a T. It was just a fun idea I had.

A little bit of a spill on a top-secret possible project

The project is NOT in development, and has yet to be approved. It is currently called Autosite, and the general plan is to use configs and MEML to build websites with themes.

We have yet to decide on anything here, but this is in out current planning sheet. So, give us your thoughts on the matter.

Finances of Fivnex

I want to, every time I do a big purchase for Fivnex, share how much we earned and how much we have lost. Since currently we do not have ANY income, we have hit a lot of losses. Well, by a lot I mean less than $22, as we bought several domains. This being for the Fivnex website, and Arisblu/Arisred websites. While we have spent a lot of money on that, that day I did spend closer to $80 on domains alone. I forget the .co price but I will use the .com's price for it in place. Leaving us with $22 spent (after a coupon code from Honey have us a 20% discount) on the domains, we also spent about $12 of excess money in Fiverr (that I couldn't pull out) to use on a little animation. Our losses so far are $35 dollars give or take various pennies extra/less, sales tax, etc. We also now have 6 members at Fivnex, but email [email protected] if you want your name added to that list.


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