Fivnex Language Denylist - What skills you have determines your work here

Recently I have been in discussion about what I call standards-based languages, which inspired me to list out programming languages that you will not be allowed to use in Fivnex, other than for possibly making quick and unstable prototypes. This isn't a long list of languages, but it will include situations where we will either ban them from "professional" editions, prototypes or otherwise. Note that this language list isn't just markdown but rather general plaintext files to output data.

Language Name
Permitted Uses
Description of Ban
C/C++Qt Application DevelopmentUses a standards-based system, unneccisarily difficult
PythonNone,Slow, near-useless, interpreted, inefficent
JavaScript (or other ECMAScript based lang)Web-Tech Prototyping (whether on desktop or web)Web-centric, no decent desktop support (NodeJS and Deno do not count), strange and idiotic syntax, no GUI library (electron absolutely does not count!)
Not to be directly written in
SASS is a better and more functional web technology
Scripts within programs, quick builders, and ISO builders
Due to shells being different on multiple systems, we have chosen to not permit Bash-only programs, except in uses where they build something, or used to in a bigger program to make workflow faster
NoneOnly use custom scripts when using YAML-like syntax. Helps focus development and improve programs.
Slightly strange syntax, Cargo makes bloated applications, no real use case in Fivnex

Since we eleminated 90% of programmers, what will we allow? This is a list of languages we prefer people who join Fivnex to use:
Language Name
Reason to permit
Fast, safe language that is within 3% of the speed of C. Use for GTK development if needed.
Common Lisp
Beautiful language that types like being a professional dancer, dancing for rich people at the most glorious of places ever built!
Decent language that can be used both professionally and for prototyping.
Functional programming at its finest.


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