Arisblu / Arisred and the issues with Snaps

I want to make this clear. Ubuntu removes choice with Snaps and there is no other way to play that idea. They remove your choice by forcing Snaps. We will not be going their route and replacing APT (PKG for FreeBSD versions of the systems) with Snaps as we believe they are a bloated, slow, broken, and incapable of being used well. The final straw that made us replace Ubuntu Lumina Remix with Arisblu and Arisred is the Snap issue. We want usable, safe, light, reliable, trustworthy, and cross compatible software on our systems. The main issue is that they... Snaps.... just... Snaps cant do that. None of that is available in Snap. From experience, Snaps are unstable and slow, a potential security risk, bloated, unreliable, definitely not trustworthy, and not cross compatible without botching and pushing Systemd to FreeBSD. For our users, and us, this is absolutely not okay. We want Arisblu and Arisred to be enterprise grade software, with us wanting to ship custom hardware with our systems. Fivnex is dedicated to good software and making sure YOU have the option without needing to know how to compile software or run commands for 25 minutes. We will block snaps, but the systems will have a command to work with fixes. We will be forking our friend's FerenOS store for our software (possibly the elementryOS store, both are amazing options). We are working on the alternative system, as part of UPM - the Ultra Package Manager by Fivnex. We will keep you updated on any further information.


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