DotBrowser Updates - What to expect in Arisblu's Browser

 DotBrowser is a web browser designed by DotHQ, a group that is basically British Mozilla. We love these guys, and while there isn't much for them to show off, Fivnex is going to actively work with the DotHQ group to build better products, and integrate better privacy for users of Arisblu. Let's talk about changes to the DotBrowser since the last time we mentioned them:

Goodbye Electron

Not too long ago, an update to the DotHQ website appeared.
If it is difficult to read, it states "All Dot Browser versions based on Electron will become deprecated soon,learn more." The learn more button states that they will be switching to FireFox as a base. This is great in so many uncountable ways. First, we get the best developer tools. I know I took the screenshot on Chrome but I have simply been too lazy to install FireFox on my Windows-based PC. Since I actively use both developer tools in FireFox and Chrome, I can say they are different, but FireFox is better. While the developer tools in FireFox are far from perfect, they get the job done faster and better than in Chrome. 

Another great reason for the switch to FireFox is privacy. We hear it all the time for Mozilla, the FireFox web-browser devs. Mozilla EARNED the nickname "The Internet Good Guys" as Mozilla focuses on better privacy for its users, while also balancing corporate expansion. While it is scary to think that Mozilla is having difficulties right now, I am sure they will survive and keep their projects going. If they don't? Someone will simply make a fork of their software and continue it from there. Heck, I know many companies who would be willing to do that.

The last great point of switching to a FireFox base is simple. It forks the best browser on the internet. While Dot tried running with Electron, there was just too much work for them to do and it was just a better plan to switch over to FireFox. Not to mention Electron is slow and clunky, and based on Chromium which isn't kind to privacy. Dot is expanding FireFox, by a lot too. They have recently sent  pictures of what they are working on, and having their community decide on what to do sometimes.

We are proud to be including such a wonderful browser, and in the future the excitement will keep growing.


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