How To Make a Linux Distro.

 Step 1: Don't. We don't fucking need it. My name is Kai Lyons, and I make a Linux distro. Why should I and you should not? Simple, I have passion and standards. You looked for a tutorial.

While no, in programming, looking for a tutorial is not ALWAYS an indicator of your passion, but for this case... it can be. If you are an upcoming distro maker, what is the goal of the project? If it is yet another "slap a desktop and four wallpapers on Ubuntu and call it its own thing" then please fuck right off. We don't need yet another thing like that. Why such harsh language? You make distros that put actual passion, time, effort, and understanding have to fight with low-effort garbage. 

Now, let's say for arguments say you remix a distro, and call it a remix of that distro for a different desktop and 4 wallpapers. Essentially, make an Ubuntu remix for an example. Doesn't even need to be a custom remix with a whole new desktop. Ubuntu95 is a project I have my eyes on that uses XFCE, where Xubuntu already exists, but themes the system with the looks of Windows 95 for Raspberry Pi. That's fine, but if they were called something stupid like Arisorange95 (No, we will never make an Arisorange), I wouldn't care. It is their own distro with a Win95 theme slapped on top of it. It focusing on the face it is a remix and not its own thing? THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL!! It is UBUNTU but with a couple of developers making it look cool. I love remixes of distros that add themes for the fun it it. Let's say you make Fedora Cherry edition, LOVELY! We would be happy to share the project. Now let's say you made a distro with the LFS book with the Cherry desktop, or forked Gentoo, or Ubuntu, or Arch, or whatever, all with the Cherry desktop but otherwise in no way different to the original distro and called it something stupid like "Fivnex" (what a terrible name, I know right?), well before we slap you down for stealing our name, we would not be happy with the low-level pile of useless shit that came to try and compete.

"Oh but it's just a stupid little project, my distro alone wont hurt yours." This is the exact argument assholes like to use to give themselves the excuse not to vote. It even has the same EXACT rebuttal: One might not sway anything, but the more people who follow your dumb decision, things start to matter. So while you make one distro, and by itself it is of no harm, the literal THOUSANDS who also make their own pile of shit they call a Linux distro do actually do harm. Even the concept of making a distro has become a bit of an insult. "Oh, what is your hobby?", "I make a Linux distro", "Oh...", "Oh but it is innovative", "Sure...". This was an actual conversation I had, people who make shitstroms, or shit maelstrom distributions, have tarnished the idea of making an operating system with the Linux kernel.

If you take away nothing from this... fuck you. Just stop making these terrible distributions, they don't fucking matter, I don't care if your distribution is "difficult to make", sorry you have a hard time with Cubic, or Linux-Live, or the Ubuntu Budgie ISO Builder that even WE use. Don't care if you have a hard time with the easiest shit on the planet. Not using a tool? Fuck off, it's still rather easy if you do it right. If you wanna make an Ubuntu remix like Ubuntu Cinnamon, or for any other distribution, that's different. We keep competitors down to one, and yet 100 new developers are making distributions. Well, guess how this works? YOU AREN'T MAKING YOUR "OWN" GOD DAMN DISTRO! You are putting a desktop on an existing project AND it help the PROJECT. While slapping a desktop on a distro and separating from the origin, that hurts EVERYONE involved in this community. I think this is a good time to note that while I work on FOSSOX21 (delayed from September to June/July), I am working on a distro listing site, like Distrowatch but not a blog that is pay-to-win. It will focus on actually important distros that people might not know about, the new distro's base, and why it is special from the original. We do not have a name for it but we want to make it. Anyways, don't make low effort distributions and I will be happy.


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