How We Will Manage Community Editions

 Community Editions are remixes of the Arisblu system with different desktops, like an Ubuntu flavor/remix like Ubuntu Cinnamon or Kubuntu. Since we already have 216 ISO files to manage, we will not be adding desktops ourselves. We will be providing tools for any community editions. However there are rules, and a lot stricter than on other systems.

CEs Must not Change Functionality

We aren't talking the difference between Ubuntu Studio and plain Ubuntu, more like if Pop!_OS or Linux Mint applied to be flavors of Ubuntu. You can add custom tools, change tools, but backends, due to the nature of the several ISOs making a single system, and the goal of unification, removing or changing things that change a backend component (including using upgraded libraries) are a no-no. Just too much to worry about. If it doesn't feel too different from a plain Arisblu system, and everything works, you can be a CE.

CEs Have to Make All 6 ISO's

Yes, you will have to make 6 ISO files. Luckily we will have tools you can fork to get this done quite easily. The ISO's will be for the 3 OS bases, and each having the full-libre and normal suite. Speaking of which.

CEs Must NOT use ANY Proprietary Modules

No exceptions. Part of the idea is to be able for FOSS-only people to be able to use the same system as someone who uses proprietary software. If your DE includes any non-free aspects, they either have to be removed or they will not be accepted.

CE Website and Domain Rules

We are strict here for a good reason: Security. This part is extremely strict.
1. If you cannot afford a regular TLD, use GitHub pages, or get a subdomain. We will not accept domains using Freenom for their registrar.
2. If you can afford a domain, keep it to .com, .net, .org, .moe, any ccTLD (EXCEPT: US, CA, UK, CO.UK, or ANY ccTLD's with restrictions. We will find out if you picked one), any tech related domain, .ovh, or any others that don't break rule #3
3. No NSFW domains, or trade domains that don't relate to the project (.cars, .construction, etc.)
4. YOU WILL BE RESTRICTED ON REGISTRAR: The list is fair, and expansive. These are the not only places you will be permitted to buy a domain for a CE (but highly proffered), and after the list we will explain why:
  • NameCheap
  • Porkbun
  • Dynadot
  • 101Domains
  • Epik 
  • Gandi
  • Tucows
  • Njalla
The reason for the restriction is that most of these provide free WHOIS guard (which is mandatory to be a CE), and are easy to manage with Cloudflare (which we prefer, but how you get your SSL is up to you). While we will not necessarily stop you from becoming a CE if you don't pick one of these, we do have a list of absolute no's:
  • GoDaddy
  • Google Domains
  • Hover
  • Freenom
Some others we may allow based on we don't know them but you already bought the domain, or if you give us reason as to why to accept them. If convincing enough, we will allow it. Note that "I prefer it" would probably be enough for us to allow it unless:
A - They are the five we will not allow
B - They are owned by one of the five we will not allow
C - They end up as one we will not allow (for security or other reasons)
6. The .gay TLD can't (kinda) be the only domain you use. We will 100% allow .gay TLDs to be used, but the real issue of this is that we also prefer the use of generic TLDs. While .gay can be the MAIN domain, and the one used for any part of the site, at least have the .com transfer to it. This is because we know people who will extort you for being supportive of LGBT rights, and while that sucks, we want to avoid that as best as possible.
It can be your only domain if you pull some bad-ass SEO to get past the jerk-weeds who might exist. Basically, get the .com and .gay, or be good at SEO, your choice. I hope the reasons are understandable.
7. Follow the domain template. Due to domains being not easy to come across, here is how you will have your CE's website domain set.

The setup also applies to GitHub pages users.


An example would be:


We will also accept




The name restrictions keeps things normalized and easy for the user to remember.

While these might seem weird, these rules are as is, and are set in stone, but we will change things if necessary. 





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