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Coming Back To Reality with Arisblu

 I have spent some time actually looking into what users are looking for, what is being praised and hated, and sadly we have to rethink the selling point of Arisblu. We have deemed most of the nature of Arisblu purely impossible. There is no way in hell we can make THIRTY ISOs, and even with the DE removal to two desktops, that is still TWELVE ISOs we would have to make. We simply do not have the man-power to deal with such a feat, and there are many things we need to do still in our development cycle that can't be done without removing free time and other projects for Fivnex. So, we can't actually do  what was the massive selling point for Arisblu, but is it really a loss? No. We will be focusing on ONE desktop (XFCE, later replacing with Cherry) on one default non-libre system for the beginning of the project. We will later introduce the complete FOSS edition, which we are unsure when that will appear. Since the original system with twelve ISOs was impossible, we hope brining

So we were wrong about Arisblu release dates... again.

 The thing is, we aren't sure when a deadline is doable, and especially with almost one developer doing anything important, who recently had a mental breakdown, it is difficult. "But Kai, you have a team." Well... yes but actually no. We have team members but almost none of them work on the OS itself. We have FOUR core team members, Boomerang, Chloe, Trevor, and me. Trevor is part time, he mostly works with DotHQ (who is building what will become our default browser) and other Fivnex projects. Not everyone from Fivnex will even work on Arisblu. Raze is on the Discord as a Fivnex member (as he is) but not with the other developers. Not even all the other developers are members of Fivnex, like Boomerang. Now there is also Chloe whom is our hardware director. Their whole job is hardware. Okay, so what about Boomerang, the only other FULL team member? Well, their job is going to be Raspberry Pi support. They are also helping us with webapps for the system, so you can use a Di

Replying to SwitchedToLinux and Why Purism Is Scamming

 A response to this video: Now I really love this video, and agree with most parts, and some others I want to expand on, and maybe one or two points that I gotta disagree with (also a fact-check). So where do I (Kai Lyons) stand on the Purism AweSIM? I think it is just a blatant scam, full of lies, misinformation, and a broken system. SwitchedToLinux (whom I will be referring to his first name, Tom) said this in a much nicer way in my honest opinion.  Purism is one of two companies building a Linux Phone right now.  Tom made this mistake, when in reality there are three (if you still consider Purism to sell phones and not broken dreams). Pine64 and VollaPhone being the two other MAJOR implementations of Linux Phone hardware. This doesn't even take into account lesser known groups like Meizu, BQ, Neo900, Open Pandora, and Necuno Solutions, of this list some may or may not still exist and may or may not have released anything AT ALL. Linux mobile devices have existed since 2007 (tech

Why We Need To STOP Listening To The Linux Users For How To Deal With New Users

 I have been a Linux user for a little over two years. Sometime between May and December of 2018, I installed Fedora Linux. I am still a fairly new user, and I talk to new Linux users all the time. Now, I want to speak up for them, as the community makes wildly broken and idiotic claims for new users. This is going against all fronts, and for good reason. I want to address several common misconceptions about new users that are commonly spread by people who don't know what the new user needs. "The new user doesn't care about theming, just as long as it works" I hear this one used to usually defend Snaps, and it is a false claim. Users do absolutely care about the look of their GUIs, including new users. One of the common things I see with converts who came from either Mac or Windows was that one of the main promises that really made them switch was the theming. While it is usually optional, theming and keeping said theming consistent is important to the every day user.