Coming Back To Reality with Arisblu

 I have spent some time actually looking into what users are looking for, what is being praised and hated, and sadly we have to rethink the selling point of Arisblu. We have deemed most of the nature of Arisblu purely impossible. There is no way in hell we can make THIRTY ISOs, and even with the DE removal to two desktops, that is still TWELVE ISOs we would have to make. We simply do not have the man-power to deal with such a feat, and there are many things we need to do still in our development cycle that can't be done without removing free time and other projects for Fivnex.

So, we can't actually do what was the massive selling point for Arisblu, but is it really a loss? No. We will be focusing on ONE desktop (XFCE, later replacing with Cherry) on one default non-libre system for the beginning of the project. We will later introduce the complete FOSS edition, which we are unsure when that will appear. Since the original system with twelve ISOs was impossible, we hope brining it down to two ISO files will make our life a lot easier. Of course there will still be the Community Editions, but we don't think we will get those for a while.

Now, we are respinning the idea into something manageable, but what about the other OS communities? Well simply put, we want to focus on Linux. Due to Fivnex growing in all the wrong areas, we really have to focus on what time we allocate and to where. Arisblu is not supposed to be the flagship product of Fivnex, as Fivnex was and always will be focusing on the future, and we see Arisblu as part of it, but not as much as other major projects we need to focus on like MEML that cannot be done because Arisblu is taking up all of our time. 

This change is not coming without some perks. Firstly, we can release a much better product instead of thirty rushed ones to get a same-time or close-ish release. We will also get huge improvement values for the projects as Arisblu takes up a lot less time with this. With me being in school, and school comes first, that means I already lose out on several hours a day I have been spending on the project. This opens up the ability to actually develop stuff like UPM, MEML, and EMXI, the things Fivnex sees as core projects in development. 

We get that this is disappointing to most, including ourselves, but the project at its current level and magnitude is just simply impossible with the current small team. Let's hope this new sight into the project helps us grow. We will have to find a new identity, a new selling point, but there are many ideas we see floating around in the community that we hope to try out and mess with to build a better Linux system for the users. We have many new ideas in the pipeline to make up for the complete mess that has been the last several months of development. Good news is that we can keep a release date promise. As we redraft the Arisblu concept, this will take time. We hope this doesn't hurt too many feelings. 

- Kai Lyons
Team manager at Fivnex
Lead developer of Aris*


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