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Fivnex Media: FREE Ad Partnerships Available

 If you are a free and open-source software developer, you deserve to have your voice heard. No matter the size of the project, as long as it is open-source (or alternatively available on BOTH Linux and FreeBSD), we will do up to a 5 minute advertisement with creative-commons or public domain music 100% for free. These ads can be used for any commercial purpose, but the Fivnex group HAS to be mentioned in the credits (no removing that credit section). These ads will be for any open-source or Linux/FreeBSD available project. There are rules and conditions to this: HAS to be available on FreeBSD and Linux OR open-source (but available on one, the other, or both). Must not be a web-app or website. Must not be a platform, service, or services group. Must pay own advertising fees (we make the videos only). Must not be bigoted, we will not associate with hate. Will allow open-source content creators IF they do not have Strong affiliation with closed-source software (i.e. Chrome, Vivaldi, etc

ArisbluBSD: Why Linux is Slowly Corrupting Itself. 5 Reasons Why We Want to REPLACE Linux.

 We started ArisbluBSD as a Live-CD and soon-to-be desktop replacement of Linux systems like Ubuntu, Manjaro, and OpenSUSE. While we still like and support the Linux communities and operating systems, we do have multiple issues with the Linux ecosystem. So, let's jump right into the top 10 reasons we want to replace Linux. 5. Linux is Fragmented (sort-of) ArisbluBSD's team (Fivnex) sees Linux having a different fragmentation problem than people think. It's not that there are too many distros, it's the differences between those distros that give us issues. The fact of the matter is distributions like FerenOS, elementryOS, and Linux Mint become more and more like each other and their upstream (in this case Ubuntu). We will get into the upstream limitations in a bit. 4. Linux Package Management is Idiotic We will get into RPM vs DPKG and the format/repo fragmentation in a bit. But let's focus on the three forms of Linux packages. Containerized, binary package, and scri

ArisbluBSD: Why a new BSD?

 This article is to explain some decisions and plans made by the ArisbluBSD team, why we are making our own thing, and what the plan is for the OS. We mainly want to talk about five things: desktop, package management, software availability, custom software, and the future of the OS. We mostly want to explain what the goal of the OS is, and how we plan to expand in the near future. Without further ado, let's explain ArisbluBSD's plan. Desktop Environments ArisbluBSD wants to use common and well known desktops only. While other BSD systems are using extremely themed desktop environments or putting tools on top of window managers like Openbox. ArisbluBSD will have two desktop environments, and if demand grows large enough we will add Openbox as well as Xfwm4 (with a dock like Tint or Cairo for both). Our two desktop environments, XFCE and GNOME3, will be un-themed, no extensions, no pre-made configs outside of the defaults. There are good reasons to theme a desktop, but in order

ArisbluBSD: What is to come?

 As we are currently in development heck, let's list off what ArisbluBSD is going to become. We will list features, upcoming versions, and the version planning. We believe in transparency and being public with what is happening. Desktop Environments ArisbluBSD until we get new members on our team will support two (maybe three) desktops. The "maybe three" depends on our project lead's work on making elementryOS's desktop Pantheon available for FreeBSD. That being Kai's upcoming side project to work on while nothing else is happening, we will have two current officially supported desktops. Those desktops being GNOME3 being the main alternative desktop environment, and XFCE being the main desktop environment. Since Kai works alone and all this "we" nonsense is technically wrong as Kai more or less works alone. With GNOME3 and XFCE being the desktop environments, and Pantheon being a possible item in the woodworks, what about other desktops? Since Kai wo