ArisbluBSD: What is to come?

 As we are currently in development heck, let's list off what ArisbluBSD is going to become. We will list features, upcoming versions, and the version planning. We believe in transparency and being public with what is happening.

Desktop Environments

ArisbluBSD until we get new members on our team will support two (maybe three) desktops. The "maybe three" depends on our project lead's work on making elementryOS's desktop Pantheon available for FreeBSD. That being Kai's upcoming side project to work on while nothing else is happening, we will have two current officially supported desktops. Those desktops being GNOME3 being the main alternative desktop environment, and XFCE being the main desktop environment. Since Kai works alone and all this "we" nonsense is technically wrong as Kai more or less works alone.

With GNOME3 and XFCE being the desktop environments, and Pantheon being a possible item in the woodworks, what about other desktops? Since Kai works alone, all other desktop versions must be part of someone in the community coming in and helping us.

Versions Of FreeBSD

We will always try to be on the latest FreeBSD version. If a major bug continues to be an issue on the current latest FreeBSD version we will hold back to do testing and fixing on the system. Since FreeBSD is an unstable landscape, and not one yet ready for use by the public, we will continue to work on a user-friendly desktop OS based on FreeBSD.

AppImages and MAYBE Flatpak support

With AppImage having some genuine work being done for FreeBSD support, ArisbluBSD wants to be one of the first forks of FreeBSD to officially work with AppImages. While AppImages will become an absolute on ArisbluBSD, another item of support is Flatpak. Since a lot of software runs with Flatpak, more so than AppImage, the next thing to wonder is how and when. Sadly there are issues to this plan. However if we use a Linux container rather than a FreeBSD container there might be some hope for those apps. It will be container-Inception but it's still worth a look. There s one last major piece of software that we want to work with. It's called WinApps, but since it is Ubuntu-focused, forking it for FreeBSD will not be easy. What such an application will allow us to do is feature Microsoft Office software on FreeBSD, something that without WinApps itself is impossible on Linux. Since it runs on a Windows 10 virtual machine, there will need to be some tweaking to get it to work on FreeBSD. It seems to use technologies freely available on FreeBSD, or have stable alternatives on FreeBSD we can work with, forking it for FreeBSD should be of no issue.


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