ArisbluBSD: Why Linux is Slowly Corrupting Itself. 5 Reasons Why We Want to REPLACE Linux.

 We started ArisbluBSD as a Live-CD and soon-to-be desktop replacement of Linux systems like Ubuntu, Manjaro, and OpenSUSE. While we still like and support the Linux communities and operating systems, we do have multiple issues with the Linux ecosystem. So, let's jump right into the top 10 reasons we want to replace Linux.

5. Linux is Fragmented (sort-of)

ArisbluBSD's team (Fivnex) sees Linux having a different fragmentation problem than people think. It's not that there are too many distros, it's the differences between those distros that give us issues. The fact of the matter is distributions like FerenOS, elementryOS, and Linux Mint become more and more like each other and their upstream (in this case Ubuntu). We will get into the upstream limitations in a bit.

4. Linux Package Management is Idiotic

We will get into RPM vs DPKG and the format/repo fragmentation in a bit. But let's focus on the three forms of Linux packages. Containerized, binary package, and script. There are multiple options you want to waste your time. We coin the 2, 1, G rule. There are 2 good containerized packages, 1 good (Linux) binary package, and G stands for general as scripts generally look well. AppImage and Flatpak are both wonderful containerized package bases. The one good Linux binary package is RPM.

3. Growing Problematic Decisions/Software

Our main complaint here is with the unwarranted and problematic forcing of Snap (a mostly closed-source Flatpak alternative by Canonical) by the team at Ubuntu (Canonical). We allow the removal of choice in the Linux sphere while complaining that people hate the removal of choice of package choices. These kind of decisions by the largest Linux OS developer is making it problematic for new users. New users, contrary to the Linux-user belief, do care about their software. We will get into that later.

2. Theming Fragmentation

Linux distributions are becoming more and more about graphical UI choices than it is about functionality choices. I cannot tell you the ungodly amount of distributions out there that are changes in desktop environments or even simply theming and desktop version *cough cough* KDE Neon *cough cough*.  These distros ended up making it impossible for Arisblu to be a Linux OS in any manner, even when we wanted a Linux/BSD/Illumos development versions. The competition against the useless and somehow beloved systems that add nothing more than flooding the market and stopping genuine innovation.

1. Linux's Software Ideology

"New users don't care about x." We have a whole different article on the subject. But to make a minute into twenty seconds, Linux users don't understand what new users want and make assumptions based on the few without actually asking what the issues people need fixed are. This includes software not working just as they are advertised. One of our main goals is to fix and inspire fixes expressed by people like in this video by RoboNuggie. In Linux they dismiss issues brought up saying "well not everyone cares" which is not only ignorant and idiotic, but problematic.


This article is supposed to outline why we don't want to go back to being a Linux system other than an open-source TV operating system because someone in our team wanted to do that. We also want to replace Linux, and also help work on maturing FreeBSD.


  1. systemd made me switch to FreeBSD. Hope FreeBSD grows. I was happy with Debian. Well, they disappointed many of us, by voting systemd choice. I run FreeBSD with Gnome-3.38 desktop now. Everything works fine. Only thing is lack of widevine support, chrome availability (linuxalator does). Hope a unified front comes together to focus on Desktop oriented FreeBSD. Kind of like Debian and Ubuntu.


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