ArisbluBSD: Why a new BSD?

 This article is to explain some decisions and plans made by the ArisbluBSD team, why we are making our own thing, and what the plan is for the OS. We mainly want to talk about five things: desktop, package management, software availability, custom software, and the future of the OS. We mostly want to explain what the goal of the OS is, and how we plan to expand in the near future. Without further ado, let's explain ArisbluBSD's plan.

Desktop Environments

ArisbluBSD wants to use common and well known desktops only. While other BSD systems are using extremely themed desktop environments or putting tools on top of window managers like Openbox. ArisbluBSD will have two desktop environments, and if demand grows large enough we will add Openbox as well as Xfwm4 (with a dock like Tint or Cairo for both). Our two desktop environments, XFCE and GNOME3, will be un-themed, no extensions, no pre-made configs outside of the defaults.

There are good reasons to theme a desktop, but in order to provide a stable and kind experience, theming and customization has to be left 100% to the user.

Package Management

Let's make this VERY VERY CLEAR. While AppImage and RPM are planned to be added to the system,  and maybe even Flatpak in the future, PKG is and always will be the core package manager, and the alternatives we add are only for either app stability for GRAPHICAL apps (which is why AppImage and maybe the more popular Flatpak will be added), or for when software does not support FreeBSD ports or PKG (in which RPM is added for).

We have NO intention to become the Linux of the FreeBSD world where a hundred package managers are added. We have a very strict maximum of three alternatives. RPM will also not come with any repos, and is meant strictly for binaries for applications like Chrome which aren't open-source and not available by any other software means. 

We will be extremely strict with new ideas. We will also keep this strictly to anything that works on FreeBSD (which might remove Flatpak) and nothing but open-source package management at all (sorry Snaps). ArisbluBSD will not bend to add DPKG (as it was already voted against by the community), Snap, Pacman, EOPKG, or any other Linux package manager. We are also very strict on not adding RPM repos by default either. If one is needed for the software to run, the plan is to simply make an empty repo. 

Software Availability / Custom Software

We plan to add a separate software store built manually with specialized software. This will include the extra package managers people want (and might even be where we put RPM depending on inner-team discussions). Tools like DPKG, Chrome, Winapps, alternative browsers galore, and more will be available in a specialty application called Otherland. It will include alternatives like desktops, window managers, and a lot more that is specially picked and premade-tools to run said software for users who want them. This is not an application store per se. This is just organized and curated software for people who want alternatives.

The Future & Goals of ArisbluBSD

ArisbluBSD is supposed to be a Live-CD that is simple, easy, and understandable. We want a strict, controlled development environment that allows the user to do what they want. ArisbluBSD is meant to be an office and development focused OS with the mind of on-the-go people who care about security and privacy, while being slightly tech savvy. The goal is to not make a custom desktop OS, a future Fivnex project that has no real development done for it will be our flagship desktop OS. Arisred Linux is also renamed to ArisredTV, so no these projects will not be working together anymore.

Users of ArisbluBSD will get their choices, with a stable environment for developers. If you want a good desktop BSD that is not specifically Live-CD, look at options like GhostBSD. ArisbluBSD really wants focus on default setups that are plug-and-play. For anyone who needs to work in office or development software on a Live-CD, who cares about their privacy, security, and freedoms.

In short, ArisbluBSD is focused around functionality and ease for the users.


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