Fivnex Media: FREE Ad Partnerships Available

 If you are a free and open-source software developer, you deserve to have your voice heard. No matter the size of the project, as long as it is open-source (or alternatively available on BOTH Linux and FreeBSD), we will do up to a 5 minute advertisement with creative-commons or public domain music 100% for free. These ads can be used for any commercial purpose, but the Fivnex group HAS to be mentioned in the credits (no removing that credit section). These ads will be for any open-source or Linux/FreeBSD available project. There are rules and conditions to this:

  • HAS to be available on FreeBSD and Linux OR open-source (but available on one, the other, or both).
  • Must not be a web-app or website.
  • Must not be a platform, service, or services group.
  • Must pay own advertising fees (we make the videos only).
  • Must not be bigoted, we will not associate with hate.
  • Will allow open-source content creators IF they do not have
    • Strong affiliation with closed-source software (i.e. Chrome, Vivaldi, etc).
    • Strong affiliation with privacy breaking companies (i.e. Google, Amazon, etc).
    • Overly political content, including news and political debates.
    • Endorse violence, terrorist, or riots.
    • Endorse political groups (of any form, left or right, libertarian or authoritarian).
    • Denounce political groups (of any form, left or right, libertarian or authoritarian).
  • Keep a short, custom credit section.
  • Have a website and blog for the project.
  • Must not be an open-source companies, specific projects only.
  • Must credit Fivnex for the creation of the ad.
If interested, please contact [email protected], thank you.


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