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Fivnex is Changing.

 As I am coming off my semester for high school, I have decided it is time for Fivnex to change a lot. For those who did not know, Fivnex has been running a grand total of three operating system projects. With that, we wanted to slim that down to one OS. We also want to focus on making software and contributions over customized software. What does this mean? Well, we want to say goodbye to the BSD community. To put it simply, I do not have enough expertise in developing a BSD system. I have deemed it better for my time and energy to focus on other projects by Fivnex. To put it bluntly, ArisbluBSD is dead. The project is not even being recycled. This does not mean we will be making that Linux system our flagship product, though another OS is in the works by part of our team. Another thing is where Fivnex is focusing its time. Fivnex will be an open-source media group as its primary focus. We will more work on games to promote and expand upon open-source software. We will also be focusin