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Fivnex Timeline 2021

 January 2021: - Start working on OEM basics - Start promoting the OEM February 2021: - Work closer with Fedora - Design the Fivnex OEM spins of Fedora (all desktops) - Find new team members for MEML development March 2021: - Start crowdfunding campaign ($750K goal) April 2021: - Begin working on advertising material May 2021: - Incorporate Fivnex LLC - Incorporate Fivnex Foundation as a subsidiary of Fivnex - Start selling computers - Begin ARM computer builds June 2021: - Hire PC builders July 2021: - Buy an office space for corporate August - December 2021: - Business as usual

The Future of Fivnex, What We Have in STORE for the Future (Pun 1000% Intended)

 I wanted to update people on the current plan on Fivnex's OEM stuff, upcoming software projects, and other small things. First, we are changing our OEM provisions. We will be providing different Fedora spins instead of the original plan of Linux Mint and elementary OS. The main reason is the OEM install for Linux Mint is a disaster, and for elementary OS we deemed it easier to have users select desktop environments over Fedora and its desktop environments VS elementary OS. It would make both the Shopify app easier to work with for us and the user. We also plan to fully support the Fedora spins, except for a few. If you head over to  the only desktops we will NOT support are LXDE and SOAS. The reason for LXDE's removal is because it has since been replaced by LXQt, and while people will be upset we will not provide LXDE versions, it is also to remove any and all confusion with LXQt. For SOAS, we just do not like the desktop, and while fans of SOAS will

A Reply To Jeff Geerling, How to Make FOSS-Enterprise Fair?

 In recent months, open-source companies started to show a face many people don't like. The biggest example of this is with RedHat practically killing CentOS in search of  profits, even if they gave us a deceitful and honestly abhorrent "16 free instances of RHEL." Now, to run over this quickly, as this article is not JUST to bash RedHat, but the 16 free instances of RHEL gives me the same feeling as I get to Windows 10 being TECHNICALLY FREE, it's basically just a marketing ploy. But let's not worry about that any further. Now, this is a response to this video by Jeff Geerling Now, just in case something with the Blogger embeds screws up WHEN the video is supposed to start, here is a link to the part I plan on replying to . I want to answer the questions he poses.  First, how can we make sure developers who build open-source software are compensated for their work in a just way? Well, there are a LOT of amazing options out there. We aren't the only people who

Fivnex, and a short list of goals

  Fivnex is nothing less than a work-in-progress charity to fix the technology and open-source software markets. Fivnex will work on vertical integration from mining operations for computer manufacturing to physical parts and software. We also have many companies that we wish to acquire. This article will outline the goals and design of Fivnex and what we plan to do as a company. Vertical Integration Fivnex is all about honesty, transparency, and integrity. What we mean is that we want to have full control over wages from the people mining the minerals in our computer parts, to the hardware, to the software. We want to partner with and possibly acquire the mines to pay livable wages and remove any points of slave labor.  While this seems like it would be problematic to some, let's make a couple of things clear. Vertical integration is one of the most reliable ways to know that there is no slave labor in the production of our hardware. Fivnex will manufacture all parts we will sell