Fivnex, and a short list of goals

 Fivnex is nothing less than a work-in-progress charity to fix the technology and open-source software markets. Fivnex will work on vertical integration from mining operations for computer manufacturing to physical parts and software. We also have many companies that we wish to acquire. This article will outline the goals and design of Fivnex and what we plan to do as a company.

Vertical Integration

Fivnex is all about honesty, transparency, and integrity. What we mean is that we want to have full control over wages from the people mining the minerals in our computer parts, to the hardware, to the software. We want to partner with and possibly acquire the mines to pay livable wages and remove any points of slave labor. 

While this seems like it would be problematic to some, let's make a couple of things clear. Vertical integration is one of the most reliable ways to know that there is no slave labor in the production of our hardware. Fivnex will manufacture all parts we will sell in the future, but the hardware and firmware will be open-source.

Some might claim that this is bad, as all of our hardware will be far more expensive. These claims mostly lie in the fact that because we buy hardware from external sources (Like AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, and others), it removes the responsibility to make sure to pay factory workers a living wage. We disagree. We believe that if someone is exploited at any point in the production of our hardware, we have failed. While we do not expect to fix this within our first few years of production, the goal is to have it solved by 2040.

Acquisitions & Partnerships

We want Fivnex to be able to fund and expand upon some of our favorite projects. To be clear, we have no current plans to acquire or buy out any of these projects, just that we have the wants and wishes to at least work with them. These companies and foundations include Instant Messaging Freedom, Ecosia, Alles, FossTorrents (whom we already partner with), and FossHost. Again, these companies are just wanted partnerships, as they might not want to be acquired by Fivnex.

We already plan to donate and fund Instant Messaging Freedom, Alles, FossTorrents, and FossHost when we are profitable.

In the end...

Fivnex wants to fix the current issues in technology and open up the doors for innovation and opportunity. By 2040, we hope to educate and employ people in developing countries and work with and funding non-profits and projects of our own to help the world in our little way.


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