Fivnex Computer Operating System Support.

 These are the operating systems that we are either going to support, considering to support, and planning to support (with further testing). The list of "To Support" are operating systems we have an absolute plan to support. This list is the shortest. The list of "Possible Supported Options" are operating systems we are considering support for, but it is not absolutely certain, and probably highly unlikely to support. Finally is "Planned To Support (After Testing)" are operating systems we absolutely want to support, but only if our existing hardware designs function with them. This list is mostly non-Linux operating systems like BSD systems, Illumos-based systems, and Minix systems. There are NO promises made to support other than "To Support." The other lists still need heavy consideration and testing. Even the "Planned To Support (After Testing)" list is not promised, even if the operating systems work perfectly.

To Support

  • Potabi
  • Fedora
  • borderOS

Possible Supported Options

  • Stardust OS
  • Ubuntu Unity
  • dotOS (if releases)
  • Alpine Linux
  • Amarok Linux
  • Absolute Linux
  • FerenOS
  • Pop!_OS

Planned to Support (After Testing)

  • FreeBSD
  • GhostBSD
  • OpenIndiana
  • helloSystem
  • NetBSD
  • OpenBSD
  • SoloBSD
  • Minix


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