MEML & Keter: Short List of Features

 By no means is this an extensive list, but what I feel are the most important features of MEML and Keter respectively. At least the most important PLANNED features.


- Simplified syntax
- Easier front-end development (dropdown tags, viewports, meta tags, etc)
- Automatic mobile integration
- Variables and basic scripting within MEML
- Simplified CSS animations
- Easier layering scheme (XYZ axes) for images, videos, text, and buttons
- Support for PWA development within MEML itself

For Keter:

- Integration with TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby, PHP, and WebAssembly
- Features from both JavaScript and PHP (a simplified version of both)
- Stylesheet scripting (Keyframes, CSS changing, animations, etc)
- Transpiler to JavaScript/PHP to work in any browser.

Give us feedback!

Fivnex is about innovation and simplification. We want to hear any and all opinions. Email [email protected] for ideas, feature requests, and more!


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