Why We Work With Our Competition, Not Against Them.

 As of February 24th, 2020, we partnered with Midstall Software. The company behind a mobile/semi-desktop operating system known as ExpidusOS. Now, we have been planning and working on Potabi ever since we were forced to shut down the ArisbluBSD and ArisredLinux projects, in late January or early February. Potabi does plan to focus on mobile products (Pinephone being our main target). This directly competes with ExpidusOS and Midstall Software, whom we partnered with. Why did this happen?

This was not an accident on our end, I knew when Midstall filled out the partnership form, we knew we were competitors. Whether or not they knew, I am not sure. However, in many cases, working with the competition is better for both businesses. As my mom always says, "teamwork makes the dream work." Working together, we can still compete, but build each other up. This is better for both of us. 

We will GLADLY work with the competition, as long as they are willing to work with us. Beating each other down for dominance will never work out for either of us. I want to share a Spongebob clip of what people think when they hear two companies are competitors, for an example for later.

Competition should NEVER be represented like this. In the end, both Squidward and Spongebob suffer, with no real winner, but both losing. While we could compete like this, it is not worth the time and effort. But if we work with the competition, we earn more, build bigger audiences and market share, and can build a better future for everyone together, rather than wasting time, energy, and resources trying to sabotage each other. 


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