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The Plan for Potabi

The Plan for Potabi  What is Potabi? Potabi is a FreeBSD-based mobile operating system that is designed to be an option for secure and encrypted phones, with no hacking needed, opt-in telemetry, out-of-box experience with future support for Android APK's, and a centralized app store for all applications. This article is going to what we WANT for Potabi, what the goal for Potabi is, what market we are looking at breaking into, and what the plan is. Marketing, Market Share, and Tools for the Markets. Something we want to be clear about is where Potabi is going to hit in the market, what the core user-base is, what secondary user-bases we will support, and how we differ from other mobile operating systems. Potabi is an enterprise-focused and privacy-focused operating system for mobile. While other Linux-based mobile operating systems focus on the end-user, the public, Potabi is more built for the people who need a work-phone that is secure and protected from attackers. The finalized v