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Fivnex Makes It's First Acquisition

Hello everyone, Kai here. As the CEO of Fivnex, we are ECSTATIC to announce an acquisition. These are the acquisitions of Ceccun. Ceccun, whose CEO is Ejaz, describes itself as being "Ceccun is a brand aiming to help consumers and developers alike get things done faster. Whether it be development, to simple note-taking, Ceccun will soon enough cover it all. Ceccun loves an ecosystem, which is why we're developing one to seamlessly work best with every Ceccun product and every Ceccun user. We also want to keep privacy at the center of it all. Ceccun hopes to open its doors in fall 2021 or sooner.". You can find Ceccun at ! Details behind the acquisitions are more private, though we are excited to be working with them. Alert for Ceccun's partners: Don't worry. Ceccun is mostly independent in their work.

An Update on the Long-Dead Arisblu Project

 This blog post is being made in slight urgency. Recently the Arisblu website has been updated by the new owner to include some kind of scam blog. This blog post on Fivnex's official blog is to simply disassociate from the new owners of the website. We will not do any further linking of the website, as we do not know if the site is infected with viruses, tracking cookies, or anything else. Not saying the new owners are bad people, but that we want to remove all association with the website. Same with the site owners, though the old Arisred site is owned by someone else, and currently on a Parkingcrew page.