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Concepts: SUIX

 CONCEPT: SUIX Description SUIX: Sass User Interface Experience  A Sass-only framework more advanced than a generic CSS framework. Unlike Bulma, Tailwind, and Bootstrap. While not having the same functionality as React or Next.js, it will be semi-functional. Built as a partial competitor to VueJS, React, and NextJS.  No plans to implement it are active.

Fivnex: Who Are We?

Mission Statement      Fivnex is built to build software for people.  To inspire creation and innovation. We need kindness and honesty, not bitterness and greed. We firmly believe that our place in the world is to inspire people to do what they are scared of doing, being themselves. Fivnex is more than a software company, it is building community and comradery. The world needs more good, more innovation, and funding to save lives. Imagine a world where the technology to invent the cure for cancer being in the hands of a seven-year-old girl in a rural town, that is the dream Fivnex has. Values      Fivnex was built on five values. Honesty, innovation, accessibility, kindness, and sharing. Honesty, never hiding the truth, and being public with mistakes. We believe that no matter what we do, we should make as much as we can public. That is why there are few to no NDA agreements for partners and staff. We even share our finances, who it goes to, where we are, and why we do things. Innovati

Potabi Progress Update: Temporarily Changing Desktops

The Potabi Project will be pivoting experimental distros to no longer use the Lomiri desktop. Due to the high level of maintenance and modification required, we have sought a new desktop environment and we have TWO candidates. Phosh, which will be used in development editions, and Expidus-Session as we work with Midstall Software (Fivnex partners). We are starting with Phosh as we expect it to be the easiest to implement.

Fivnex: Our Future

We recently gave a minimal version of the monetary stuff over on Discord. If you have read that, understand there is a LOT more information here too, and a lot more in detail without the 2K character limits. In this article, we wish to explain Fivnex's future, how things will run, and going into detail on what we want to do. We will also talk more about Fivnex as a business, how things will be reported, giving back to users, and more.  Running Fivnex At Fivnex, we want to be transparent as possible. Part of that includes drawing our needs, writing our wants, and painting the picture for a better future. The needs will include something non-Americans or non-business-owning Americans will refuse to acknowledge as a need. Incorporation. One of our primary needs as an American startup is to incorporate. Fivnex will incorporate as an  LCC. The reasons we need  to do this are simply that it makes taxes so much easier, we will have the proper documents we need to run Fivnex and not be lea