Fivnex: Who Are We?

Mission Statement

    Fivnex is built to build software for people.  To inspire creation and innovation. We need kindness and honesty, not bitterness and greed. We firmly believe that our place in the world is to inspire people to do what they are scared of doing, being themselves. Fivnex is more than a software company, it is building community and comradery. The world needs more good, more innovation, and funding to save lives. Imagine a world where the technology to invent the cure for cancer being in the hands of a seven-year-old girl in a rural town, that is the dream Fivnex has.


    Fivnex was built on five values. Honesty, innovation, accessibility, kindness, and sharing. Honesty, never hiding the truth, and being public with mistakes. We believe that no matter what we do, we should make as much as we can public. That is why there are few to no NDA agreements for partners and staff. We even share our finances, who it goes to, where we are, and why we do things. Innovation, the act of building to solve a problem. We believe that every project we build has to solve a problem. Fivnex's foundation was a place for our founder, Dakota "Kai" Lyons (or just Kai, preferably), to build projects that were dedicated to solving problems she had. Accessibility, anyone anywhere in the world should have the right to use our software. Unlike other corporations, we don't hide away our software from anyone, whether we disagree with them politically, whether they have a different skin tone, religion, or morality to us. We believe that bans and saying "no don't do that" only works to a certain extent. Even if the worst people use our work, we hope the best of people use our tools against them. Kindness stands for everything because we believe the good we do comes back to us and then we can give more. We are firm believers in the idea of karma. The more good we do, the more we will succeed, and we hope more people follow us in that. Sharing is how our business model works. Everything we build is shared. This means that we get users to please investors, and even if only a small percentage donates, we still gain a lot. This is the same way many freeware apps work, Linux and Unix distributions, all of it works on sharing, and it clearly works for everyone! 

Our Market & Competition 

    Our markets are the mobile operating system, web development, software development, and computer hardware industries. We compete with MANY big names. Apple, Google, Dell, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, and a billion more. However, some of the more notable competition are System76, Tuxedo Computers, Lenovo, Google, Apple, and Oracle specifically. The others have less influence on what we do. We don't compete with Bulma, Twitter (developers of Bootstrap), Python, PHP, and others who build other tools similar to ours, as we see them more as companions who would not really be able to classify under the exact markets. For our competition, we don't hate them. We might form friendly rivalries, but we want to work with our competition.

Our Products

Potabi - A user-friendly and consumer respecting mobile operating system built with the features of Android and the stability and security of iOS.

MEML - Human-friendly web development. Making HTML easy to write without overly complicated tools. Just one command and DONE!

Keter - Program anything anywhere, and have easy compatibility between apps. Have JVM-like tools as an option. Build the future with ease.

Fivnex Computers - Helping small-time OS developers have a chance, giving FreeBSD the spotlight, building computers for people who want an alternative.

Our Vision

Fivnex designs software that inspires change and innovation, without the worry of cost or resources.

Fivnex aims to contain a team dedicated to building innovation, and passion in honesty. Building software that gives people their voice, and giving tools to make communities stronger together. Let us build Unity together.

What's Next?

Fivnex has a lot ahead of it. However, we aim to make the world better through the future-coming Fivnex Foundation. The Fivnex Foundation will experiment and build public-domain innovations, without patents or copyright with Fivnex ICU. The Fivnex Foundation aims to build two homes with one hammer with, give LGBTQIA+ homeless jobs in contributing to open-source software, and give them the skills and certificates necessary to fill the gap in jobs in the tech industry. Other plans like Fivnex Africa, Fivnex Aid, and more will also exist to help lives across the world.

We have mountains of work ahead of us. Join us in making that change. 


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